A Free Podcast is a podcast by The Midnight Boys that looks at the big themes in movies. Like why spiders are scary and how cool 1997 was.

What is this show all about?

It's a movie podcast. Each season we look at a different set of movies. Season 1 was about cinematic failsons. Season 2 is about fears and phobias.

How can I support the show?

We have a patreon! You can sign up and for as little as $2 get access to a monthly patreons only show called A Paid Podcast.

We also have a Facebook group you can join to interact with the hosts and other fans of the show.

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Who are the Midnight Boys?

A nickname for the hosts. They previously hosted Tombstone Minute and Titanic Minute. They are now working on Forrest Gump Minute.

During college, we would stay up until all hours of the morning watching movies. This led to Rob’s girlfriend (now wife) dubbing us the Midnight Boys.

Joe is a respected educator. Rob is a guy that builds websites. Duff is a public servant/moocher. We attended UW-Madison together some 15 years ago and decided there aren’t enough podcasts of guys dissecting mainstream entertainment.

Cool cover art. Who made it?

That is all the work of Alina Ruppel. She does good work.

What's with the theme music?

The AFP theme is taken from a General Cinema bumper that ran in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It was also parodied on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

How do I listen?

Take a look at our homepage to stream the most recent episode or see a bunch of podcast services our feed is hosted at.